The SCRTN provides support for partners and subscribers for services and features not otherwise available from the website. While the SCRTN seeks to provide as much help to end users as possible, there are certain support questions and inquiries that we are not qualified to, or are prohibited from addressing. The partners and subscribers are responsible for their own field equipment and the SCRTN is not able to field support calls about specific end-user equipment, the configuration and operations of such equipment. SCRTN staff will answerq uestions related to access to this site and the NTRIP caster for real-time GNSS corrections, we are unable to troubleshoot your own GNSS equipment, communications devices, modems, cell phone, broadband cards et al. There are so many types and combinations of equipment being utilized by end users that unless an end user has submitted a specific 'cheat sheet' for a specific type or combination for posting on this site, we would be at a loss to help troubleshoot. We suggest you contact your equipment vendor for direct support of your own equipment.

SCRTN staff are not qualified or are otherwise prohibited from answering questions about surveying, mapping, geodesy, or other end user operations, procedures, methods, requirements, or standards. The use of SCRTN real-time corrections spans many types of end uses ,our staff are not versed on all types.

SCRTN Contacts:

Matt Wellslager - 803-896-7715 -

Cindy Masi - 803-896-7705 -

Bob McKeown - 803-896-7612 -